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The Word — washable silk

PSA - Guidance for the Gentlemen

Luxxie Boston blog PSA - Guidance for the Gentlemen
Treat the woman in your life like the radiant queen that she is and get her the Luxxie Boston Washable Silk Robe.  It fits everyone and is so special you cannot buy it anywhere else.

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It is snowing outside, but getting hot in here!

Luxxie Boston blog It is snowing outside, but getting hot in here!
Boston has done it again with record breaking snowfall this winter, but while the snow was piling up outside, we were inside showing off our deliciously silky designs. Nothing stopped the Luxxie team from doing what we do best - bringing classy back.

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The Lazy Laundress - The Easiest Way to Clean your Luxxie

Luxxie Boston blog The Lazy Laundress - The Easiest Way to Clean your Luxxie

No one is lazier at doing laundry than me, Stefanie, co-founder of Luxxie Boston.  When developing our silk based product, I wanted to make sure the care instructions were as low maintenance as possible.  Then you continue world domination.  That was the whole point.  I wanted to make a product that frees you from wardrobe discomfort and other ancient notions for women.

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Throwing a "Fit" (Party)

Luxxie Boston blog Throwing a
Luxxie Boston collaborated with Lighter, to hold the first ever "Fit" Party this past Saturday.  The two startups aim to disrupt two industries that traditionally prey on women's insecurities - food and fashion.  

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Black Tie Redefined

Luxxie Boston blog Black Tie Redefined

At times, my (healthy?) obsession with my Luxxie foundation leads me to to wear it as my only layer.  Both the Bustier Silk Cami and the Bralette Silk Cami are fantastic summer tops as they are breathable and feel extremely luxurious on the skin.  

IMAGE: Model wears Luxxie Boston Bustier Silk Maxi in Noir

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