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It is snowing outside, but getting hot in here!

Boston has done it again with record breaking snowfall this winter, but while the snow was piling up outside, we were inside showing off our deliciously silky designs. Nothing stopped the Luxxie team from doing what we do best - bringing classy back.

At the Fashionably Late show in the Liberty Hotel, Boston models were strutting our slips with confidence. Forty Winks featured us as they are now selling our designs at their Cambridge location! As a former prison, this Hotel was the perfect venue for a sexy, sleek show with a dash of badass. It was a night of oo’s and ah’s as the models came up the escalator in the finest of lingerie, you could say the temperature was rising!

Valentines day came around and you know what that means -  Style Week Northeast! Even with whiteout conditions, the show must go on - nothing stops a revolution! Our models stood tall on platforms dressed in our silky slips while projecting fierce confidence.  We were popping bottles, enjoying French macaroons, and cameras circled our table like paparazzi…the night was a complete blast! The night ended with fashion shows from designers such as Shalyn Webber, Angelica Timas, and Nick Pini.  Although we all had to brave the storm to return home, it was the best Vday yet.

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