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The Slip, rebooted with built-in support.
Sensually smooth washable silk for a seamless silhouette.

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From boardroom to boudoir, the cami keeps you supported from day to evening.  Consider it an insurance policy against your button-down shirt misbehaving.

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This is your armor for global domination.  Our washable silk slip has a built-in chest support system giving you a seamless silhouette without any discomfort.

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Perfect for any occasion you want to bring to the max. Finally, an evening gown or wedding dress solution that makes you feel like you are floating on silk.

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Deconstructing the traditional robe, we turned our washable silk inside out bringing the softest threads closest to your heart.

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Why A Luxxie Boston Slip?

Discomfort is a disadvantage

We help women walk into a room with confidence, without having to worry about wardrobe annoyances.

Physics is not
your friend

Your grandmother's slip has gone the way of the dodo bird, but friction, static and gravity are still present on Planet Earth.

Too Sheer for Comfort

You don't want to show off your underwear. Today's trends sometime use fabrics that are too sheer to wear alone.

Come Hell or High Water

Our garments keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and allow you to walk confidently on a windy day.


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