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Throwing a "Fit" (Party)

Luxxie Boston collaborated with Lighter, to hold the first ever "Fit" Party this past Saturday.  The two startups aim to disrupt two industries that traditionally prey on women's insecurities - food and fashion.  

With champagne flowing, luxurious lingerie a plenty and a plethora of vegan munchies, guests were invited to the Luxxie Lab to test drive our very first collection. With our garments hot off the press from LA all of our Kickstarter supporters and special guests were finally able to see what it really means to stop spanking yourself with shapewear. 

The line for the dressing room seemed to never end and the excitement of the opportunity to try on every style was palpable. With our leading Luxxie boss lady, Stefanie Mnayarji, on call, every guest had the chance to experience a personal fitting with the brains behind this operation and learn why they needed a Luxxie in their closet. By the end of the event we were beyond pleased to see that many of our guests would no longer be “spanxing” themselves, but instead would be draped in silk feeling confident, sexy and comfortable all day long! World domination has officially begun so stay tuned for all that Luxxie Boston has in store because ladies you don’t have to reshape yourself, you can reshape your world.

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