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Time to upgrade your underwear drawer

Racked Boston in their piece about Luxxie Boston emphasizes the worthiness of Luxxie as a Kickstarter campaign. Reviewing our products, Racked highlights how Luxxie is the ultimate alternative to the restrictive, uncomfortable and substandard materials that make up shapewear.

Luxxie, Racked observes, adds fashion and comfort to your under garments and ensures that your foundationwear feels luxurious. Racked also recognizes just how empowering Luxxie is for women because it is a female-owned venture run by a pretty badass lady. Stefanie Mnayarji, who while climbing her way up the corporate ladder in quantitative economics was inspired to found Luxxie Boston. Mnayarji in creating Luxxie has decided that it is time for us to stop trying to reshape ourselves and instead focus on reshaping the world.

IMAGE: Bralette Lace Cami in Noir

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