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Washable Silk Bralette Slip

Washable Silk Bralette Slip

Cosmic Latte
Huntress Green
$ 135.00

This fit smooths and contours your layers, while keeping you comfortable and confident.  Static, friction and gravity will never disrupt your day again!  If the wind sends your dress flying in the wrong direction, you can keep walking with confidence. 

Built using our washable, insulating and breathable silk technology; science never looked so good.  Black Chantilly Lace is optional; comfort is not.

  • 92% Silk, 8% Elastane
  • Made in the USA
  • Chantilly Lace made in Calais, France
  • Model wears size 34; bralette styles run a bra size smaller.
  • Hand wash cold or dry clean; steam, never iron
  • Continue global domination


Bralette Support System

Our signature Bralette support style is made out of an intricate system of durable stretch fibers supporting the most unique of sizes.

Luxxie Washable Silk

We developed a washable, breathable and insulating 92% silk blend. Our material keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter, and feels like heaven all day.

French Leavers Lace

The optional lace trim is made from imported, handcut leavers lace created on one of the oldest looms in the world. This family-run craft has been passed down through 10 generations in Calais. Merci France!

Designed in Boston,
Crafted in the City of Angels

Made according to highest luxury standards in Los Angeles.