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Luxxie Lab

Here at Luxxie Lab, we take a scientific approach to designing the perfect slip to support your lifestyle. We worked with material scientists and engineers to research the latest in textiles and technology. We collaborated with New York City’s world-renowned Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC to build and test our prototypes. We brought together a group of over 60 women, sizes 0-16, and asked them evaluate our designs in their demanding daily routines.




Every Luxxie garment is designed with four things in mind: comfort, support, sexiness, and above all, function. We aim to create a seamless silhouette without a hint of discomfort. Running a comparison against the leading shapewear product, Luxxie Lab put our slip to the test. The result:



Luxxie delivered a cleaner fit and smoother shape, with a level of comfort that constrictive shapewear could never offer. The chest support system created a lift to accentuate the waistline. In addition, our exclusive silk blend material contoured the garment's shape into the flattering silhouette shown above. This 36B participant loved the smooth fit and responded, "This supports my chest better than any bra I own. Can I borrow it for this weekend?"


You should not have to compromise comfort for a seamless silhouette – Luxxie gives you both.




Every woman needs a good support system. That’s why we give you two options for chest support: Bralette or bustier. Both will give you the best fit of your life and are comfortable enough to sleep in. Our signature Bralette is an intricate system of durable stretch fibers that will support any size and shape. The bustier has smooth, lightly-lined cups and no awkward hooks for flawless underwire support. Just zip and go with this rebooted bustier style.
Our fabric is the solution to so many of your foundation wear problems: it’s comfortable, washable, stylish, and perfect for any weather. We developed an exclusive 92% silk blend that supports your active, on-the-go lifestyle, easily transitioning from day to evening. Our material keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter, and contours perfectly to any outfit. It feels like heaven all day and, best of all, when you get home, it can go right into the wash.

The optional lace trim is made from imported, handcut leavers lace created on one of the oldest looms in the world. This family-run craft has been passed down through 10 generations in Calais. Merci France!


It’s important to us to find top quality fabrics that can be sourced responsibly and sustainably. That’s why we search all over the world to find just the right materials and suppliers. But we’re also proudly made in the USA. Every Luxxie garment is assembled in Los Angeles by workers who are paid a fair wage for an honest day’s work. You can feel good about Luxxie both inside and out!