Based out of duo studios where we float between Laguna Beach, California and Hanalei, Kauai.  Our philosophy is that of life… create what you believe in and be yourself.  We’re not trying to follow trends, set trends or design trends.  We’re simply making pieces we love that make us feel good, no set aesthetic we have to follow, no set delivery dates, no set corporate structure and no set limits. One day we could be inspired to make something a certain way and the next we could be doing it the opposite.

After all, we think life’s too short to live within worldly set boundaries, don’t you agree?

Each collection stems from silhouettes based around a body contouring or creative layering perspectives and all our styles are created for exposing in some way of function + fashion.  Wear each piece of Noe as you desire.

We use luxe fabrications, european sewing techniques, premium Japanese elastics, custom designed hardware and a very close eye to every detail.

Noe Garments are designed in the USA.  We support only ethically aware production and work practices.


Model Brittney Valverde Valiere + Mahina Alexander // Film Images by Dylan Goodale // Hanalei, Hawaii